It pays to sweat the small stuff. Especially when it comes to getting ready to sell your home! 

Here are some quick & simple tips to maximize your curb appeal, the inside feel of your home, and a cohesive style. 

1. Approachability - Landscaping, and gardening (if you have outdoor space), or a fresh coat of paint will do wonders!

2. Ambiance - If your home doesn’t have natural light, create it!

3. Windows - Wash every single window in your home. You might be surprised how much light you can let in (and how much-hidden dust you can get out!)

4. Re-organize - Cluttered closets, drawers, and cabinets can turn off potential buyers. Make guests envious of your organization.

5. Style - Adding personal touches such as picture frames or a gallery wall can create a welcoming and inviting environment!

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